Private Consultation &
Meditation Class
with Dave West

1 class 2 hours
USD 90

Advanced payment required with
Paypal Account, Credit or Debit Card
Classes are at Tai Chi Bali Healing Arts Centre near Tanah Lot South Bali
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Transform your life with Meditation in Bali

Meditation is the art and science of healing your mind. It is the gentle process of slowing down the mind chatter, calming the emotions, and enjoying the freshness of the present moment. This can heal all kinds of mental and emotional illness such as anxiety, depression and stress. Just 15 minutes meditation everyday brings relaxation, happiness and restful sleep. For deep healing it is recommended to have 5 classes on 5 consecutive days.

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Private Consultation & Meditation Course
with Dave West

5 classes 2 hours each
USD 360

Advanced payment required with
Paypal Account, Credit or Debit Card
Classes are at Tai Chi Bali Healing Arts Centre near Tanah Lot South Bali
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Yoga Meditation

Purify your consciousness to reveal your true identity as a spiritual being.

When we hear the word ‘yoga’ most of us initially think of the physical side of the practice, the postures. However, although physical health is an important part of living, the postures are just one very small aspect of yoga. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali teaches that the deeper practice of yoga transcends the physical & aims to neutralize the emotions & energize psychic centres. This awakens your inner guru & spiritual insights where the real transformation lies.

Yoga Meditation includes:
Pranayama – energy meditation
Pratyahara – inner vision
Dharana – concentration
Dhyana – absorption
Samadhi – one-pointedness

Buddhist Meditation

Open your heart & free yourself from the prison of your own problems.

Mindfulness is the key to Buddhist meditation practices that help meditators cultivate core values of awareness, tranquility and insight. In the Dhammapada, Buddha teaches that when we are truly in the present moment we can work with our actions & reactions in a way that leads to the well-being & happiness of ourselves & others. And the more we appreciate the importance of cherishing others, the more we experience compassion & love in daily life.

Buddhist Meditation includes:
Sati – mindfulness
Metta – loving-kindness
Vipassana – insight
Anicca – impermanence
Mantra – healing chants

Qigong Meditation

Harmonize with the spirit of nature and achieve immortality.

Qigong combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist philosophy to harmonize the body, breath, mind, spirit & energy. The Four Canons of the Yellow Emperor teaches that we need to bring the emotional mind into balance with the wisdom mind. Qigong also has preventive & restorative benefits that improve your overall health & maintain the flow of ‘qi’ (life force energy) through your meridians & acupoints, increasing energy & vitality, balancing yin & yang.

Qigong Meditation includes:
Shou Shi Fan Ting – inner vision
Wu Ji Hu Xi – focusing the mind
Qi Huo Hu Xi – building the qi
Xiao Zhou Tian – circulating the qi
Shen Xi – energizing the spirit

Reiki Meditation

Awaken your divine power within to heal yourself and others.

Reiki has its roots in Buddhism and Pranic Healing. Literature from Mt. Kurama Temple in Japan teaches that Reiki is an intelligent living energy of divine origin that unites the heart and mind with love, wisdom and compassion. By opening the crown chakra Reiki increases the flow of ‘ki’ (life force energy) into the mind & body, and reawakens your inner guru & self-healing ability. This stimulates your natural healing process, relaxing & harmonizing your mind, body & spirit.

Reiki Meditation includes:
Hatsurei-ho – energy meditation
Kenyoku – dry bathing/brushing
Gassho – piety/prayer
Byosen – sensing/scanning
Chakras – cleansing energy centres

Tai Chi Bali is right next to The Caz Bali Hotel which is 1km from
Tampih Beach and 2km from Kedungu Surfing Beach. We are just 10 mins
west of the famous Tanah Lot Temple and 20 mins from Canggu.

Course Information


We specialize in Private Courses on the dates you come to Bali. You can have 1 or 2 people for this price but you need to bring your own friend/partner to accompany you. It is recommended to take 1 or 2 courses per year, but you can also take the 200 Hours 5-in-1 Private Course if you can focus your training for 6 weeks. All training takes place at the Tai Chi Bali Healing Arts Centre next to The Caz Bali Hotel in Desa Bengkel Kawan, near Tanah Lot, South Bali.

We have a large shaded area for Tai Chi & Qi Gong training and a large 2nd floor sun lounge for sunrise and sunset practice. All courses take place from Monday to Friday and must be completed within the specified number of days/weeks. All courses are 1-to-1 with British instructor Dave West. Due to the tropical heat we only practice 4 hours in the morning 9am-1pm, Monday to Friday, which is 20 hours training per week. There are no classes on Saturday and Sunday, which gives you time to rest and enjoy our Balinese culture and lifestyle.


Transport, accommodation and meals are not included in the price. Please make your own arrangements according to your budget. The Caz Bali is the closest hotel, just 2 minutes walk to the Tai Chi Bali Centre. There are also several mid-range hotels in Kedungu, Tanah Lot and Yeh Gangga areas of South Tabanan, with prices ranging from USD 30 to USD 200 per night including breakfast, and a few budget hotels and homestay rooms from USD 15 to USD 30 per night with long stay discounts. Meals are generally inexpensive depending on local or western restaurants.


The Caz Bali
Cokelat Guest House
Sekar Arum Guest House
Joshua District Villas
Kedungu Surf Camp
Kubu Kedungu Villa
Zen Rooms
Silversand Villa
Villa Puspa
Bali Japan Village
D’sawah Villas
Waka Ganga


For all courses please email your dates and TaiChi/Qigong/Yoga resume to senior instructor Dave West and wait for confirmation of availability before making your payment. All payments are in advance via Paypal with your Credit or Debit Card. Your booking is confirmed as soon as I receive your advanced payment. See below for Terms & Conditions. Advanced booking required Contact Us


Tai Chi Bali Healing Arts Centre
No.8 Jalan Tampih (next to The Caz Bali Hotel)
Banjar Adat Bengkel Kawan, (5 km west of Tanah Lot)
Tabanan Regency, Bali 82115 Indonesia.


+62 81236467324 (the instructor)

Terms & Conditions

* Please read carefully before making your payment.
* Making your payment means you agree to all terms and conditions herein.
* Tai Chi Bali is a fully licensed company offering professional education and guidance in our field of expertise.
* As a student at our centre please conduct yourself in a professional manner.
* As a visitor to Bali please respect the local culture and traditions.
* Tai Chi Bali hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience in Bali. We strongly advise that you obtain full visitor information from your Indonesian Consulate before departure from your country of residence regarding your stay in Indonesia, i.e. travel documents, tourist visa, length of stay, vaccinations, etc.
* Tai Chi Bali strongly advise that you purchase adequate travel/medical insurance before departure from your country of residence.
* Tai Chi Bali is not liable for any injury, illness, accident, delay, cancellation, loss or damage of valuables, or other unscheduled events or changes before, during or after your course.
* Transport, meals and accommodation are not included in the price.
* All courses require advanced booking and advanced payment with Paypal.
* Your booking is confirmed as soon as we receive your payment.
* If you cancel your course for any reason at least 7 days before the start date we will reschedule or send you a 50% refund via Paypal. You can reschedule only one time and your new rescheduled date must be no later than 6 months from the original course date.
* If you cancel your course for any reason after 7 days before the start date there is no reschedule and no refund.
* If Tai Chi Bali cancel your course for any reason we will reschedule or send you a full refund via PayPal. Your new rescheduled date must be no later than 6 months from the original course date.


24 Forms Tai Chi Teacher Certification Course
6 Weeks Course

Course 1 – 20hrs – Qi Gong Foundation Course
Course 2 – 20hrs – Tai Chi Foundation Course
Course 3 – 40hrs – Tai Chi 24 Forms Course
Course 4 – 20hrs – Tai Chi Pushing Hands Course
Course 5 – 40hrs – Tai Chi Teacher Training
* Over the 6 weeks course you will receive 120 hours training with the instructor, you are also expected to do 50 hours self practice of the 24 Forms and 30 hours self-study of the philosophy & theory (written assignment & reading)

Email your preferred dates – 6 Week Private Course
PRIVATE COURSE 5-in-1 Tai Chi Teacher Training
200 Hours Certification Course
USD 3600 for 1 or 2 person