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Taijiqigong is specially designed for students who have learned a Taiji form (Tai Chi Chuan) and want to reach new levels of skills and ability. Taijiqigong prepares the mind and body for the great Taiji practice by loosening your joints, warming your muscles, stimulating your Qi flow, and sharpening your concentration. In addition, regular Qigong accelerates the health benefits of Taiji and the discovery of internal power. Beginners usually do not have a clear understanding of what Qi is. Tajiqigong will gradually help you to feel and understand Qi through personal experience.


Learn to teach the Tai Chi 24
Forms, Qigong Warm-ups &
Partner Exercises in 200 hours
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If you look at your daily practice as a battle against sickness and aging, then your body is the battlefield, your mind is the general, your breathing is the strategy, your qi is the soldiers, and your spirit is the morale of the general and soldiers. Therefore, in order to win this battle, you must know your battlefield (body) and learn to arrange it most advantageously for the battle. The general (mind) who is in charge of the battle must be calm and wise, and always know what he is doing so he can set up the best strategy (breathing). When the battlefield, general, and strategy (body, mind, and breathing) are organized correctly, the soldiers (qi) can be led effectively. You also need good fighting spirit and high morale. It teaches beginners how to regulate their body, breathing and mind (Yi – calm mind). Once you have grasped the idea of Qi, you then start to learn how to regulate your body. This includes how to relax your body from the skin to the internal organs and bone marrow. Through this relaxation you will be able to feel and sense your centre, balance and root. You must also learn how to regulate your breathing.

Most important of all you must learn how to regulate your mind until it can be calm and concentrated without any disturbances. Beginners learn how to use their Yi to lead the Qi efficiently. Once you have regulated your body, breathing and mind you will then be able to use your concentrated mind to lead the Qi to circulate smoothly and effectively throughout your body. Beginners can learn how to circulate Qi in the twelve primary channels and also how to increase Qi in the two main vessels, the Yin – Conception Vessel, and the Yang – Governing Vessel. Taijiqigong training teaches intermediate practitioners how to expand their Qi to the surface of the skin and to condense the Qi to the bone marrow. Once the body’s Qi has been built up to a sufficient level, you then start learning how to lead Qi to the skin to increase the skin’s sensitivity, and into the bones to nourish the marrow.

Taijiqigong teaches how to use Qi to energize their muscles for maximum Jin or power manifestation. When you are able to lead Qi to the skin and condense it into the marrow efficiently, you can use this Qi to energize the muscles for greater martial effectiveness. This is the secret of internal Jin which is the foundation and root of external Jin. Taijiqigong training leads advanced practitioners into the domain of spiritual cultivation. The ultimate goal of Taijiqigong is to lead you into the experience of emptiness, where your whole being is in the Wuji (no extremities state). When you have reached this goal the Qi in your body and the Qi in nature will unite and become one, and all your human desires will gradually disappear.


1. Regulating your body means to adjust it until it is relaxed, cantered, balanced and rooted. When you have reached a level where you feel comfortable and natural and your body is relaxed, centred, balanced and rooted then the Qi circulating in your body will not be stagnant.

2. In order to use your mind to lead the Qi efficiently you must learn how to regulate your breathing, which is the strategy of Qigong practice. If you breathe correctly your mind will be able to lead your Qi effortlessly.

3. In regulating the mind you first learn how to bring your mind in attention into your body. This is necessary for feeling the Qi circulation. You need to learn how to control your emotional mind so that it is calm and peaceful and you can concentrate. Only then will you be able to use your Yi to lead your Qi.

4. Once you have learned how to use your Yi to lead your Qi effectively you can then start working towards several goals in regulating your Qi. First, you want to make the Qi circulate smoothly and strongly in your body. Second, you want to build the Qi up to a higher level in order to strengthen your body. Third, you want to lead the Qi to the skin and into the bone marrow. This will keep the skin fresh and young, and keep the blood factory in the marrow functioning at full capacity. Finally, you want to lead the Qi to your head in order to nourish your brain. Your brain is the centre of your whole being. If your brain is healthy you can raise your spirit of vitality which is the key to longevity.

5. Once you are able to lead the Qi and have it circulating smoothly in your body, you then lead your Qi to your brain to raise your spirit of vitality. Now you can start working to balance yin and yang and reach a state of Wuji. Once you have grasped this Wuji centre, you will be able to return your spirit to its origin. Your Qi will unite with the Qi of nature. Your spirit will unite with the spirit of nature and you will become one with nature. This is the final goal of (Taoism) enlightenment and Buddhahood.

Excerpt from THE ESSENCE OF TAIJIQIGONG by Dr. Yang, Jwing-ming