Tai Chi & Qi Gong in Bali

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The Tao of Health & Relaxation

Awaken your Healing Power in Nature with Mountain Retreats & Private Courses
Tai Chi Chuan ~ Nei Gong ~ Health Qi Gong ~ Forest Qi Gong ~ Forest Therapy

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Tai Chi & Qi Gong in Bali

All courses & retreats include the following

  • sitting, standing & moving meditation sets
  • integrate conscious movement, breathing & energy meditation
  • expand your awareness of energy centres & meridian system
  • increase your quantity & quality of Qi
  • balance Qi in your mind & body
  • develop your internal & external Qi sensitivity
  • extend your Qi for healing or martial arts
  • unite your Human Qi with the Qi of Nature
  • motivate a daily practice for long happy life