Instructor – Dave West

Member of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association

Yoga Alliance Worldwide Registered Instructor

Registered Usui Reiki Master

“I have spent  30 years of my life learning and practicing Eastern Healing Arts, and offering guidance and training to help empower people to a new and better quality of living.” Dave West

Experienced instructor and long-time resident in Bali, Dave West has been teaching Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Health Qi Gong for over 15 years, and Sivananda Yoga for over 25 years. Before that he taught physical education, surfing and swimming at international schools, yoga centres and hotels in Bali and SE Asia. Since 2010 Dave has been teaching private courses and mountain retreats at Tai Chi Bali Taoist Healing Arts Centre, specializing in sitting, standing and moving meditation, focusing the mind and breath to lead the Qi, relaxing and balancing the body and spirit. Dave developed these courses and retreats for people at different levels of health and fitness to experience the healing power of nature, with easy to learn classes that bring rapid results.

After traveling extensively across the Himalayas and SE Asia exploring Yoga, Reiki, Tibetan Buddhism and Zen, Dave finally found his true path in the Tao – the way of health and harmony with nature. Dave dedicated his studies to the ancient Chinese wisdom found in the Tao Te Ching and I Ching; simplicity, patience and compassion. Religious Tao is not his way as nature doesn’t worship itself with statues and rituals. Dave practices Philosophical Tao which cuts straight to science and laws of the universe that flow with the current of nature. His temple is the beach, the forest and the mountain. Unrestricted by dogma and rules, Dave practices a physical and spiritual path nourished by nature for balancing body and mind.

Dave believes the Tao can only be experienced though personal practice, not through words or intellect, and that training the mind and body to deeply connect with the natural way is an art that requires self-motivation and self-exploration. It is a journey of personal transformation that celebrates each moment as an opportunity to honour all life, appreciating the beauty and power of the universe, accepting all that comes us with an open and loving heart. Dave encourages his students to stop gathering information from the outside and start gathering from the inside. Be patient, practice everyday, and let your inner wisdom awaken and guide you gently along your healing journey and beyond.

Dave lives, teaches and surfs in Bali.

Influential Teachers

  • Bihar Yoga with Swami Shyam Yogi – India
  • Sivananda Yoga TTC with Swami Sivadasananda – India
  • Usui Reiki TTC with Master Agung Wijaya – Indonesia
  • Health Qigong with Master Keith Good – Thailand
  • Medical Qigong with Master Daniel Li Ox – Indonesia
  • Wutan Taijiquan with Master Dan Docherty – UK
  • Yang Taijiquan with Master Thip – Thailand
  • Yang Taijiquan TTC with Master Kai Kherliang – Thailand
  • Yang Taijiquan Pushing Hands with Master Ong Wenming – Indonesia
  • Yang Taijiquan with Master Keith Good – Thailand
  • Advanced Taijiquan Elastic Force with Master Mark Rasmus – Thailand

Inspiring Workshops

  • Chen Taijiquan with Master Julie Hastings – Thailand
  • Chen Taijiquan with Master Chen Zhonghua – Indonesia
  • I Liq Quan with Master Victor Yen – Malaysia
  • Yi Jin Jing with Master Jennifer Lee – Indonesia
  • Taoist Metaphysical Alchemy with Master Keith Good – Thailand
  • Tibetan Buddhism at Tushita Meditation Centre Dharamsala – India
  • Zazen at Daitokoji Temple Kyoto – Japan
  • Insight Meditation at Mahabodhi Meditation Centre Ladakh – India
  • Insight Meditation at S.N Goenka Centre Jaipur – India
  • Self-defence at Tao Natural Health Centre – Malta
  • Chi Nei Tsang at Universal Tao Healing Chiang Mai – Thailand

“I have spent 30 years of my life learning and practicing Eastern Healing Arts, and offering guidance and training to help empower people to a new and better quality of living. I believe that exercise and meditation facilitate the right frame of mind and promote physical strength and health. Root causes of sickness and unbalanced lifestyles stem from the deeper brain where our thoughts and feelings are processed. These deep rooted patterns of emotions and thoughts are lodged in the brain and set the frame for the way we perceive and live, which governs the state of our health and well-being. They become an involuntary part of the way we function and create a whirlwind of imbalanced feelings and habits which compromise our personalities and health, not only affecting us, but also those we associate with, including friends and families. Right exercise and movement help to circulate our blood, which provides nourishment for the body and the mind. Effective breathing techniques increase oxygen intake and energizes the body and brain. Meditation helps to exercise the subconscious mind and beyond, and with regular practice helps us to neutralize unhealthy emotions and thought patterns located there. The right positive mind set needs to be developed over time, which empowers us to live our lives with the health, peace and happiness that is available to all.” DAVE WEST