Instructor – Dave West

Member of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association
Yoga Alliance Worldwide Registered Instructor
Registered Usui Reiki Master


British instructor Dave West has been teaching Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong for over 10 years, and Sivananda Yoga for over 20 years. He specializes in sitting, standing and moving meditation, focusing the mind and breath to lead the qi, relaxing and balancing the body, mind and spirit. After consulting with modern and traditional masters, Dave believes his programs are easy to learn, bring rapid results, and are well-suited for people at different levels of health and fitness. Regular practice can energize your body, relax your mind, awaken your inner guru through conscious movement and energy interpretation, and lead to a more mindful and balanced lifestyle in harmony with the Tao.


“Meditation is the return to truth and love.” Swami Shyam Yogi

Dave’s spiritual journey began in the early 90’s when he quit the London music scene, and spent 3 years exploring India, Nepal and Tibet, before finding his Yoga Guru, Swami Shyam Yogi, in Rajasthan. He returned to Rajasthan many times to study Kundalini Yoga (Bihar School of Yoga) and later take Teacher Training Certification in Sivananda Yoga.
After an unforgettable meeting in Dharamsala with the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyasto in 1998, Dave began to explore the teachings of Tibetan Yoga which led him to Buddhist Qigong. Here he experienced spiritual insights at the confluence of two ancient rivers of divine wisdom; Buddha and Tao, and the self-realization that his true path lay in the great Tai Chi.


“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” Lao Tzu

Although Dave’s first Tai Chi Chuan classes were Wutan style with Sifu Dan Docherty in London in the late 80’s, it was not until 2000 that his interest in Chinese healing arts became more focused. A chance meeting in Lumpini Park with a Thai-Chinese Wushu master led to several years of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan private lessons in Bangkok. This was followed by many more years training in Tai Chi Sword and Wu Qin Xi at Chiang Mai’s Tibetan Kung Fu Center with Master Kai Kherliang, and later, Shisan Shi with Master Keith Good, and Chen Style Taijiquan with Master Julie Hastings. More recently Dave took several workshops exploring other internal martial arts styles including I Liq Quan with Master Victor Yen and Master Joey Nishad Herath, and Zi Wu Men with Master Jennifer Lee. However, Dave’s main inspiration and training since 2013 is Pushing Hands with Master Ong Wen Ming (Bali International Kung Fu Centre), who recently invited him to join the 2019 Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Workshop in Bali led by Master Chen Zhonghua, the International Standard Bearer of Chen Practical Method.


“Qi Gong is a strategy for freedom from our cage of isolation.” Garri Garripoli

Spending so much time visiting Northern Thailand, Dave was fortunate to meet many students of Mantak Chia who introduced him to Qi Gong and The Universal Healing Tao. Meeting in the cold wintery mornings of Chiang Mai’s Buak Hat Park to practise what they called Tai Chi Chi Kung (Taijiqigong), Dave was able to broaden his experience with different styles of Health Qi Gong, Martial Qi gong and Spiritual Qi Gong. This inspired him to take several courses in Medical Qi Gong with Master Daniel Li Ox, and Yi Jing Jing with Master Jennifer Lee. Dave continues to study, share, and learn from other’s insights and experiences, admitting he often feels he has barely scraped the surface of Tao’s supreme philosophy and joyful practice. Dave says it has taken him many years of studying, training and contemplation to put ‘the art of living’ into daily practice.


“We are all spiritual energy already, practicing the system of Reiki will help us to rediscover this.” Frans Stiene

Dave first encountered Reiki when he visited Kyoto for a month in 2007 to study Rinzai Zazen at Daitoku-ji Temple. However, it was not until early 2016 that he completed his Usui Reiki training in Bali with Shambala Healer and Master Agung Wijaya. Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho (Usui System of Natural Healing) is an esoteric healing treatment that has its roots in Buddhism and Pranic Healing. By opening the crown chakra it increases the flow of universal life energy into the mind and body, and reawakens your natural self-healing ability which stimulates your physical, mental and emotional healing process. Reiki is an intelligent living energy of divine origin that unites the heart and mind with loving kindness, wisdom and compassion.

TAI CHI BALI Taoist Healing Arts Centre

“Open your mind and everyday do your practice,
Open your heart and everyday live your practice.”
Dave West

Originally, Dave came to Bali to surf the perfect Indian Ocean waves, and worked as a sports teacher at international schools for 10 years. In 2012 Dave quit his day job to become a full-time Tai Chi teacher. Since then he has traveled to hotels, villas and fitness centres all over Bali teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong courses, workshops and retreats. He has also taught private courses in Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Dave is currently involved in fundraising for the new Tai Chi Bali Centre near Tanah Lot on the south coast of Bali. The center successfully opened for classes in March 2017 but still requires about USD20,000 to complete the guest rooms, gardens and parking area. DONATE HERE Thank you for your donation.

Before Dave opened his healing arts school in 2017, he consulted with several experienced Tai Chi and Qigong masters to explore the balance between traditional and modern teaching methods. This helped him to develop programs for teaching simplified Tai Chi and Qigong for beginners, the sick and elderly, and traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan for more serious and advanced students including Barehand, Sword and Nei Gong (Internal Energy Practice).

The school’s mission is to carry forward the great Taoist tradition of Taijiquan and Qigongfu with modesty and respect, to develop health programs for tourists, expats and locals, leading groups and individuals into the great outdoors, teaching them how to experience their connection with the natural world, heal their mind and body with ancient wisdom, and develop their relationship with universal energy and the Tao.

Dave lives, teaches, and surfs in Bali.
Tel: +6281236467324


Practice together in friendship and harmony,
Work hard to improve our skills,
Carry forward the great tradition of Qi Gong
and Tai Chi Chuan with modesty and respect.

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