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Tao Yoga (also known as ‘Dao Yin’ ancient name for Qi Gong) is a relaxing style of Spiritual Qi Gong based on Chinese Taoism and Indian Yoga that originated in the Himalayas over 3000 years ago. The essential concept of Tao Yoga is that we are nourished by nature and guided by nature’s wisdom so we can maintain radiant health and live in harmony with our environment, leading to oneness with nature and enlightenment. Tao Yoga encourages mind-body fitness in a daily self-renewal program including sitting, standing and moving meditation, but is very different from the commercial gymnastic yogas which mainly emphasize extreme stretching.

The Taoist principles of ‘yin yang’ and ‘wu wei’ found in nature, teach balance and harmony through effortless action without force or conflict, to flow with the current of nature and allow things to happen in their own natural time. The goal of Tao Yoga is no excess no deficiency, which results in smooth and efficient energy flow. By avoiding tension and stress, and focusing on relaxation, gentle stretching with slow abdominal breathing, your whole being can saturate and diffuse blood and oxygen, leading to radiant health and inner peace. Tao Yoga  also has a profound effect on your external life,  creating love, wisdom and compassion in all your daily activities.

2 Hours Tao Yoga Private Class

1 Private Class 2 hrs/class

USD 80

2 Hours Private Class is suitable for people who want to increase their general fitness, are new to Tao Yoga and simply want to try it out for the first time. This class is  very beneficial for people who have not done any exercise for a while and need a gentle stretch to help get back in shape and increase energy levels. Includes restoring and purifying movements and meditations from a selection of Tao Yoga exercises which can be modified for different levels of fitness.

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  • Basic Class – fundamental stretching & breath training
  • Intermediate Class – harmonizing internal energy with nature
  • Advanced Class – energy extention & healing skills
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10 Hours Tao Yoga Private Course

5 Private Classes 2 hrs/class

USD 380

10 Hour Private Courses are suitable for people who are more motivated to learn the fundamentals of Tao yoga and continue safe and effective practice at home with confidence. You can also discuss your health concerns and receive a personalized training program and suggestions to help you grow and improve over time. Includes sitting, standing and moving meditations for radiant health, inner peace and harmony with nature.

Choose one of the following courses and Contact us

  • Basic Course – fundamental stretching & breath training
  • Intermediate Course – harmonizing internal energy with nature
  • Advanced Course – energy extension & healing skills
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Tao Yoga was first practiced by mountain hermits who lived in health and harmony with the natural world and the consciousness that guides nature. Through their deep understanding of the cycles and energy patterns of earth and sky, they discovered the healing power of nature, and developed self-renewing methods for daily practice that tunes the body, breath and mind, and brings them into unity. Tao is the natural way of living in health and harmony with the wisdom of nature and the laws of the universe. It is a physical and spiritual path nourished by nature for balancing body and mind. The Taoist journey of personal transformation celebrates each moment as an opportunity to honour all life, to appreciate the beauty and power of the universe, and to accept all that comes to us with an open and loving heart. Tao can only be experienced though personal practice, not through words or intellect. Taoists observe that we are part of the natural world, we are born of the energy of the earth and stars and elements. For some reason we forget our place in nature, and so we need to reclaim our rightful heritage as children of the Earth. Just as the universe is an integrated whole, the body and mind is integrated whole with each part connected to and dependent on the other parts. Yet as we grow into adults leading sedentary lives, we often forget to use all the other parts of our bodies. We depend on the head and arms, using the spine, hips, and legs only to get us from the car to the elevator to the swivel chair, where we can use the head and arms again. By restricting our movement, we forget how to move strongly, lithely and efficiently. When we forget how to live fully in our bodies, we overly restrict the way we move, and eventually we forget who we really are. Taoism involves many practical disciplines that can restore our lost youth and inner peace while awakening our deepest potentials. Tao Yoga is just one of the many practices that can help us to maintain health and learn universal truths if we are willing to open our minds to the natural way.
Tao Yoga Courses – Contact us
Tao Yoga Mountain Retreat
Tao Yoga Surf Retreat