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Healing Arts Centre

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Learn to heal your mind and body with ancient wisdom
Experience your connection and unity with the natural world
Develop your relationship with universal energy and the Tao

15 Hours Private Course
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The island of Bali is the perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate, deepen your spiritual practice and refresh yourself with natural healing energy. We offer 3 Day Private Retreats at your hotel with daily private consultations with the instructor. This 15 Hour Private Course is designed to harmonize your body, breath, mind and spirit with chi. A great opportunity to learn the secrets of the ancient internal arts of Tai Chi and Qigong, and immerse yourself in the philosophy of Tao – the way of health and harmony with nature.

Tai Chi & Qigong
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This is a very relaxing 3 hour private consultation with the instructor, where you can discus your health concerns and receive a personalized training program and suggestions to help you grow and improve over time. Learn a relaxing program for sitting or standing, using restoring postures, purifying movements and meditations from Tai Chi and Qigong. Boost your natural healing and regain conscious control over your health and vitality with this complete mind/body fitness workout for beginner to intermediate level.

Seminyak & Ubud
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Each day millions of people worldwide practice Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, which has been known for centuries to promote deep relaxation, excellent health, and to prevent injuries and illness. This group class helps you to loosen your joints, build your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and improve your circulation of blood and chi. Find balance between strength and flexibility, increase bone density, massage the internal organs, and improve your quality of life and daily physical performance.

02 Jan 2015 8am Ubud
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Yang style is the most popular of all Tai Chi styles and an internationally recognised health meditation exercise. This workshop explores the teachings of Grandmaster Yang Chengfu, 3rd generation Yang Family. Experience the healing power of moving meditation and learn the Four Core Movements (Peng Lu Ji An), Pushing Hands partner set, Yin Yang theory, and the Ten Principles of Yang Chengfu. Practice of this living and vital form will develop a healthy and relaxed body, a clear mind, and powerful insights into this healing/martial art.

15 hrs Private Course
At Your Hotel 5 x 3 hrs
+ Ebook & DVD
USD 399

* Meals & Accommodation not included

3 hrs Private Course
At Your Hotel 1 x 3 hrs
USD 90

** Paypal Account, Credit or Debit Card

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