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Tai Chi ~ Qigong ~ Yoga ~ Reiki

Group Classes & Private Courses in Ubud Bali
with British Instructor Dave West

We specialize in Private Courses at your hotel on the dates you come to Bali
You can have 1 or 2 people for this price, but you need to bring your own friend/partner to accompany you. These complete mind/body relaxation and energizing programs are designed to boost your natural healing and regain conscious control over your health and vitality, Choose your course from the list below and email us your preferred dates.

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Learn to teach the Tai Chi 24 Forms & supporting Qigong exercises in 180 hours
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Meridian Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing system to balance the flow of qi through the meridians & acupoints, with gentle exercise & breathing meditations that balance yin & yang, harmonize the five elements, improving health, increasing energy & vitality, uniting with the qi of nature.
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Yang style Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese healing/martial art & natural form of mind-body fitness, moving meditations that repair & strengthen the physical & energetic body, increasing blood circulation, relaxation & well-being, developing inner peace & happiness in harmony with the Tao.
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Sivananda Yoga is a traditional Indian yoga that energizes the body & mind with spiritual energy & releases mental & emotional tension & stress, with gentle stretching & breathing, deep relaxation, healing mantras & beautiful meditations that awaken your inner guru, uniting your heart & mind in love & wisdom.
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Usui Reiki is a Japanese healing treatment that reawakens your natural self-healing power & inner light giving relief to all kinds of diseases & ailments, by scanning the body & laying on of hands, chakra cleansing with crystals, esoteric healing massage & aromatherapy acupressure.
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See more private courses 15hrs & 30hrs