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Taoist Healing Arts Centre

Tai Chi & Qi Gong for Health & Relaxation

We specialize in Private Courses and Mountain Retreats based on internationally recognised health meditation exercise and mind-body fitness. Our programs are easy to learn, bring rapid results, and are well-suited for people at different levels of health & experience

Read over 50 reviews for our new centre on the south coast & Mountain Retreats in north Bali


At our centre near Tanah Lot South Bali
Join us in the peaceful rice fields at Tai Chi Bali Taoist Healing Arts Centre with British instructor Dave West. We host beginner to advanced level courses in Tai Chi and Qi Gong that deepen your understanding of Qi – internal energy. With regular practice these exercises and meditations can relax your mind, energize your body, and speed up recovery from illness. Read more


At our hotel near Munduk North Bali
Practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong at lakes and waterfalls deep in the bamboo rain forests of North Bali & experience the healing power of nature. Includes 3 star hotel set in beautiful gardens of coffee and cloves, short walks through gorgeous mountain scenery to practice Tai Chi & Qi Gong at powerful Qi locations, healing hot springs & canoeing across this picturesque lake. Read more

Tai Chi & Qi Gong emphasize sensory learning which results in movement that is more flexible, pleasurable and free from aches and pains. The lessons are easy to do, benefit everyone, and the results can be extraordinary. Each lesson builds on the next which helps to create a conversation of sensing, feeling, moving and resting that engages your whole system in a process where old habits can be replaced by new awareness and skill. Learn to let go of tensions and move more gently and lovingly in your own body with the support of easy to learn moving meditations. A sense of space, lightness and openness is created by relaxing in the present moment through the felt connection to your body’s internal energy. We think of movement as just something that we do rather than the vibrant multidimensional dance we are. To deeply connect with the language of the body is an art. Your inner wisdom and self-healing ability will guide you through this journey…

Tai Chi Bali disclaim any liability or loss in connection with any activities or information contained in or demonstrated on this website, or from the adoption of any instruction or guidance expressed therein. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your licensed health care professional before embarking on this or any other program contained in or demonstrated on this website. Our goal is to complement the advice from your licensed health care professional by providing information which may encourage healing of the body, mind, and spirit.