Tai Chi & Qi Gong in Bali

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Private Classes & Courses with British Instructor Dave West
Stay at The Caz Bali and walk 2 mins through the rice fields
To the Tai Chi Bali Centre in Desa Bengkel, Tanah Lot, South Bali

Member of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association
Yoga Alliance Worldwide Registered Instructor


Health Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing system to balance the flow of qi through your meridians & acupoints, with gentle exercise & breathing meditations that balance yin & yang, harmonize the five elements, improving health, increasing energy & vitality, uniting with the qi of nature.
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Yang style Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese healing/martial art & natural form of mind-body fitness, with moving meditations that repair & strengthen your physical & energetic body, increasing blood circulation, relaxation & well-being, developing inner peace & happiness in harmony with the Tao.
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Practice Tai Chi and Qigong at lakes and waterfalls deep in the volcanic foothills and rain forests of north Bali, and experience the healing power of nature. Includes 5 days 4 nights hotel accommodation, hot springs, canoeing, 3 short treks and 8 Tai Chi and Qigong classes, all in the cool mountain air of the great outdoors.
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The purpose of certification is to ensure that all students have attained the virtue, skill and knowledge necessary to teach Tai Chi safely and effectively, and carry forward the great tradition of Yang Style Taijiquan with modesty and respect. Mastering Tai Chi wisdom takes time, commitment and practice.
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Tai Chi Bali is right next to The Caz Bali Hotel which is 1km from
Tampih Beach and 2 km from Kedungu Surfing Beach. We are just 10 mins
west of the famous Tanah Lot Temple and 40 mins by taxi from the Airport

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