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Tai Chi ~ Qigong ~ Yoga ~ Reiki

Group Class & Private Course in Ubud Bali
with British instructor Dave West

We specialize in Private Classes at your hotel on the dates you come to Bali

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Meridian Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing system to balance the flow of qi through the meridians & acupoints, with gentle exercise & breathing meditations that harmonize yin & yang, uniting with the qi of nature, improving health, increasing energy & vitality.
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Yang style Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese healing/martial art for developing inner peace & happiness in harmony with the Tao, moving meditations that repair & strengthen the physical & energetic body, increasing blood circulation, relaxation & well-being.
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Sivananda Yoga is a traditional Indian yoga with gentle stretching & breathing, healing mantras & beautiful meditations, & deep relaxation that releases mental & emotional tension, energizes the body & mind with spiritual energy & awakens your inner guru.
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Usui Reiki is a Japanese healing treatment that reawakens your natural self-healing power & inner light, by scanning the body & gently laying on of hands, chakra cleansing with crystals, esoteric healing massage & aromatherapy acupressure.
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