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British instructor Dave West has been teaching Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong for over 10 years, and Sivananda Yoga for over 20 years. He specializes in sitting, standing and moving meditation, focusing the mind and breath to lead the qi, relaxing and balancing the body, mind and spirit. After consulting with modern and traditional masters, Dave believes that in these times of ‘speed and greed’ his programs are easy to learn, bring rapid results, and are well-suited for people at different levels of health and fitness. Regular practice can energize your body, relax your mind, awaken your inner guru, and lead to a more balanced lifestyle in harmony with the Tao. Join our group class or Contact Us for a private course.

” Yang Style Tai Chi with a real passionate teacher “
Dave is transmitting his knowledge of Tai Chi – Yang style – with passion and dedication. With his background as a physical education teacher Dave knows how to balance his class with warm up – technique – sequence – corrections – qi gong – and meditation. Every part was a pleasure, developing for sure my skills. If I go back to Bali, Dave West will be one of my first motivation, as I found a real master, generous at sharing his knowledge. He stimulates for a genuine practice of the Tai Chi, art of living. Thanks for those great classes. Nicole D – Reviewed November 2015

” Super fascinated “
After practicing yoga and always having the focus of posture and alignment I’ve never found myself at such ease and calmness as in Dave’s workshop. The balance of yin and yang, the meditation…I got so much peace. Actually it is the first time my body and mind asking only for meditation and not the physical part of the yoga…for me this is very new and so cool. Not having any previous experiences with Tai Chi Chuan or Qi Gong, one day with Dave gave me a totally new approach on my individual practice and life itself. I highly recommend anyone interested to have Dave inspire you. Thanks once again. Nathalie N – Reviewed February 2016

” Personal teacher for Tai Chi and Qigong “
Dave is an amazing teacher. He really has the ability to make one understand the philosophy and meaning of Tai Chi and Qigong. And it was so much easier to learn all the exercises (internal and external). I can really recommend him as personal teacher. I also learnt so much more about life, Buddhism, the Tao and the spiritual path from Dave. Thank you very much! I will always remember your teaching. Erica L – Reviewed March 2016

Tai Chi Chuan Beginners Group Class Read more
Introduction to Tai Chi For Health, Yin Yang Theory, Yang Tai Chi 24 Forms, 10 Principles of Yang Chengfu.
At The Yoga Barn, Jalan Pengosekan, Ubud.
7.30am Thursdays
9.00am Saturdays
1.5hrs USD 10

Qi Gong Beginners Group Class Read more
Introduction to Qi Gong For Health, Yin Yang Theory, Meridians & Acupoints, Qi Meditation, 5 Animals Exercise.
At The Seeds of Life, Raw Food Cafe, 2nd Floor, Jalan Gootama, Ubud.
11.00am Thursdays (No Thursday class in May)
11.00am Saturdays
1.5hrs USD 10

Tao Healing Workshop Read more
Open your energy gates with Qi Gong & Tai Chi Chuan, Tao Philosophy, Meridians & Acupoints, Qi Massage.
At The Yoga Barn, Studio Made, Jalan Pengosekan, Ubud.
31 May 8.00am-12.00pm
4hrs USD 30

Private Courses Read more
2 HOURS PRIVATE CLASS 2hrs + ebook & video USD 75
QIGONG FOR BEGINNERS 15hrs + ebook & video USD 475
TAI CHI FOR BEGINNERS 15hrs + ebook & video USD 475
TAI CHI 24 FORMS 30hrs + ebook & video USD 785
TAI CHI PUSHING HANDS 15hrs + ebook & video USD 475
TAI CHI SWORD 9 FORMS 15hrs + ebook & video USD 475
TAI CHI TEACHER TRAINING 120hrs USD 3150 (Entry requirement for this course is minimum 5 years experience & already know Yang Long Form)

with Dave West at your Hotel
USD 75
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This is a relaxing 2 hour private consultation with Dave West held at your hotel in Ubud, where you can discuss your health concerns and receive a personalized training program and suggestions to help you grow and improve over time. Learn a relaxing program for sitting or standing, using restoring postures, purifying movements and meditations from Meridian Qigong and Tai Chi for Health. Boost your natural healing and regain conscious control over your health and vitality with these complete mind/body relaxation and energizing programs which can be modified for the elderly, beginners and advanced level.
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Private Courses at your Hotel
From USD 475
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The island of Bali is the perfect environment to relax and rejuvenate, deepen your spiritual practice and refresh yourself with natural healing energy. We offer Tai Chi and Qigong Private Courses at your hotel in Ubud, from 3 days to 4 weeks with daily consultations with the instructor. Private Courses cultivate physical, mental and spiritual well-being and explores Qi Theory, Meridian Qigong, Sitting and Moving Meditation, Hand Forms, Sword Forms, and Partner Exercises. A great opportunity to learn Chinese healing arts and immerse yourself in the philosophy of Tao – the path to living in health and harmony with nature.
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No booking required
USD 10
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Each day millions of people worldwide practice Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, which has been known for centuries to promote deep relaxation, excellent health, to prevent injuries and illness, and slow down the effects of aging. This 1.5 hrs group class helps you to loosen your joints, build your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and improve your blood circulation by harmonizing your body, breath, mind and spirit with chi. Group classes are fun and informal and a great way to make friends with people at the same level as you, practising together in friendship and harmony.
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31 May 2016 Ubud
8am – 12pm USD 30
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Open the energy gates of your mind & body with Tao Healing, includes Qigong & Tai Chi for Health, Meridians, Acupoints, Qi Massage, Yin Yang theory & Tao philosophy. This 4 hour workshop is an introduction to the healing power of Qigong and Tai Chi and is based on the fundamental principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine – to create smooth and efficient energy flow in the body. Through movement and meditation practitioners are able to access this self-healing ability. The exercises are easy to learn and well-suited for people at different levels of health and fitness. The movements are gentle, simple and bring rapid results.
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Level 1 2 3 & Instructor
From USD 785
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The purpose of certification is to ensure that all students have attained the virtue, skill and knowledge necessary to practice all program elements safely and effectively, and carry forward the great tradition of Tai Chi Chuan with modesty and respect. We offer three levels of certification courses that deepen your understanding of the principles of Tai Chi For Health and Qigong, refine your forms and application skills, and finally prepares you for the Tai Chi For Health Instructor Course. These courses are designed for short and long stay students who wish to study Tai Chi For Health, relax, and enjoy the mystical island of Bali.
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