World Taichi & Qigong Day


Saturday 25 April 2015

The last Saturday of April each year (at 15 am local time)
in 150s of cities, spanning over 80 nations, people come together,
to breathe together, providing a healing vision for our world.
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Dear World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day Supporters & Participants,

This global wave of goodwill provides a vision of hope and healing to a world hungry for such visions. Each year to view the photos of people from different cultures, religions, and every corner of the earth . . . breathing together . . . in this global Tai Chi & Qi Gong movement . . . is profound. When you look thru the photographs and videos you see that “look” on people’s faces, a look that conveys a feeling that all of us who’ve experienced the well-being that Qi, or life energy, expands through our mind and body when we make the space to breathe . . . and to let, calm, and wellness expand thru us. When you see that look in all these diverse faces, from so many different lands, you can’t help but deeply realize that we are indeed “one world . . . and, . . . one breath.” We are all connected by the field of life energy that physicists are now discovering permeates all existence. By immersing ourselves in the field of life energy again and again, we become more and more grounded in the absolute reality that . . . we are all connected . . . all part of the web of life. And, by cultivating and growing the realization personally and globally, we may help in a subtle quiet way to usher in a more elegant future that nurtures us all in ways we cannot yet even imagine. Again, thank you for making this extraordinary event and health movement possible thru your organizing and participation each year.

Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas
Co-Founders of World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day