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Surfing is all about having healthy fun in nature with your friends, and getting up on your board and riding the waves with power and confidence. This requires three skills: ocean fitness, wave knowledge, and board-riding skills. Learning to breathe more efficiently, maintaining a calm & clear mind, and holding strength and flexibility postures to increase mobility and endurance, is an ideal out-of-water practice for nailing the ride you’re seeking in the big blue.

Your surf guide & instructor, Dave West, has been living & surfing in Bali for over 20 years, & learned his yoga skills in the Himalayas in the early 90’s. Surfers & yogis both work hard to take care of their bodies & maintain peak health, and recommend practicing yoga on the beach to promote a healthy body & harmonize your spirit with the powerful waves of mother nature.

2 Hours Private Class

1 Private Class 2 hrs/class

USD 80

2 Hours Private Class is suitable for people who are new to surfing and want to increase their general fitness by trying out Yoga For Surfers for the first time. This class is also very beneficial for people who have not surfed for a while and need a quick stretch and cardio workout to help you get back in shape. Includes a short yoga set for before surfing, and a longer yoga set for out-of-water practice.

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  • Basic Class – essential breathing, stretching & balancing
  • Intermediate Class – core strength & flexibility training
  • Advanced Class – physical endurance & mental power
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10 Hours Private Course

5 Private Classes 2 hrs/class

USD 380

10 Hour Private Courses are suitable for  people who want to fully memorize the fundamentals of Yoga For Surfers and practice on the beach with confidence. You can also discuss your health concerns and receive a personalized training program and suggestions to help you grow and improve over time using sitting, standing and moving stretches & meditations from the world of yoga and sports.

Choose one of the following courses and Contact us

  • Basic Course – essential breathing, stretching & balancing
  • Intermediate Course – core strength & flexibility training
  • Advanced Course – physical endurance & mental power
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Ask any surfer and they’ll tell you that the best way to get better at surfing is to…well…surf more. While I’m sure we can all agree on that, there are some things that you can do out of the water to boost performance and support recovery. Yoga and surfing make a killer combo. Just look at all the pro surfers who have already incorporated regular yoga practice into their lifestyle: Kelly Slater, Gerry Lopez, Fergal Smith, Greg Long, Nikki Van Dijk, and many others. But it’s not just the experienced surfers who benefit from it. Beginner surfer should do yoga too. Surfing demands a lot of flexibility and balance, strength and focus. And guess what? That’s exactly what most yoga poses are about. Yoga has been a part of the surfer lifestyle for decades, yet it wasn’t until recent years that the pair finally started getting the recognition it deserves.

Instructor – Dave West

Experienced instructor and long time resident in Bali Dave West has been teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over 10 years, and Sivananda Yoga for over 20 years. Before that Dave taught physical education, surfing and swimming at international schools, yoga centres and hotels in Bali and SE Asia. Since 2010 Dave has been teaching private courses and retreats at Tai Chi Bali Healing Arts Centre, specializing in Tao Yoga sitting, standing and moving meditation, focusing the mind and breath to lead the Qi, relaxing and balancing the body and spirit. Dave developed these courses and retreats for people at different levels of health and fitness to experience the healing power of nature, with easy to learn classes that bring rapid results. Dave lives, teaches and surfs in Bali.

Top 5 Yoga For Surfers

#1 Mountain
#2 Forward Triangle
#3 Forward Child
#4 One Legged Cobra
#5 Abdominal Twist